How It Works

This website is a test shop where you can test drive as a customer the 1PLANET Carbon Offset app (or plugin) for Shopify stores. To see the App in action just add a product to your cart and view your cart. The 1PLANET Carbon Offset widget will appear in the cart page to offer a climate friendly shipping of products.

When you click on the call to action button to reduce your carbon emissions the carbon offsetting will be added to your cart and purchase. The merchant may adjust the default amount of the carbon offset for their store.

Once a transaction is done a customer will receive a notification from 1PLANET with a Hyperledger verification link which will show the carbon offsetting information, e.g. the carbon offset used and information about the climate project that generated the carbon reductions.

Please contact us to try the full check-out process.

1PLANET Helps Your Business be more Sustainable

The 1PLANET Carbon Offset app utilizes the 1PLANET API and the Shopify API to function. As part of the larger 1PLANET eco-system all the transactions are recorded with Hyperledger Blockchain technology for transparency and verification purposes.

A merchant can use our 1PLANET Marketplace App to manage their entire business carbon footprint using the suite of carbon calculators. The climate action from your Shopify store customers is also tracked. Engage and show your customers a business that cares about the future of our planet!

More Exposure to New Customers

Merchants can also advertise their business in the 1PLANET Marketplace so other users can purchase their products and services for a more sustainable lifestyle or business operation.


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